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A sandwich walks into a bar. The barman says, “Sorry, we don’t serve food in here.”

Yes. My favorite game genre is galge and eroge. Or more like, I almost don’t play anything else.

Yes. I’m the girl you killed yesterday. I’m glad you remember.

Wasn’t rape. He had the pillow’s consent.

I’ll give you some words of wisdom. Women will fall for you if you fuck them.

You did, right? You seriously did, right? YOU SERIOUSLY FRIGGIN’ DID, RIGHT?

Where is the reset button for my life?!

Look, what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is also all mine!

Good. Be a man like a girl!!

I put too many tampons in! Some of them must have gone deep inside of my pussy… I’ll never get them out!

Just use your imagination. With such a romantic landscape around you, think up an embarrassing poem and say it to me.

Uryu…… Doing all of the Seven Sisters would be pretty tough……

What’s the meaning of seeing panties in one’s last moments…am I going to Heaven or Hell?

GOOOOOOOOOOD!!! If I’d known this was going to happen, I would’ve raped you last night!!!

I was in a dark forest, being chased by a scary man with scissors. It was horrible.

Girls aren’t just holes for men to penetrate!

Sorry, I was born cute.

I have all the girls just waiting for me to load up their save dataaaaaa!!!!!

Onee-chan, this isn’t training! It’s, it’s… it’s domestic violence!

Don’t underestimate me. I was Buddha in a previous life.

Why you’re asking me is as unknown to me as the meaning of your existence.

There’s no way I’d go puupuukupuu with someone as stupid, idiotic and forgetful as you.

Wow… It’s the first time I’ve seen one that isn’t covered by mosaic.

Thinking is not only a job for the characters within the tale. ……As a Reader, you too have the right to enjoy thinking.

There was no such thing as an ideal route – there were only several good ones.

… Women are terrifying.

I am a bitch, what of it?

All the cute girls in the world are offerings to me.

First of all, if everyone’s equal, then why have I never had a girlfriend?

I-if you are intending to get me pregnant, I must ask you to follow the proper procedures!

Vodka is a Russian’s life! If you cut a Russian’s arm off, vodka will flow out instead of blood!

_| ̄|○

I’m going to make 100 friends! I only need to make 100 more to reach the goal!

Plannin’ to wash his back with yer fat ol’ titties, I expect. Geeeez, how slutty can ya get?

One must never ask for a woman’s age. This is an ironclad rule established to ensure the survival of the human race.

Eh!? You are afraid of… panties?

Ah, useless. It’s all useless.

Whose eyes are those eyes?

Dead people can’t be alive!

Isn’t this what they call entrance BGM?

We have no allies. No one will help us. We have to protect ourselves, by ourselves.

Oh shut up. You’re the one who thought R.E.M. stood for “Really Enjoy Masturbating”…

I couldn’t abandon the threat to my precious eroge standing right before my eyes…!

Huh? Did she instinctively realize that I was a pervert?

The next head is me. And my first action will be to shove my fist into your face…!

The main component of bishoujo game is H scenes. Everything else is just like a bonus.

And we’d laugh so much, making our diaphragms cramp up, that we’d suffocate and be sent to the hospital in an ambulance!

Who’re you calling an American virgin?

I guess this is the morning after yesterday.

I challenge you to a naked duel!

Hi, I’m Mr. Culprit

My early ejaculation is awesome at a time like this.

Shut up and buy me the CD. Then keep quiet until we say goodbye.

Fuhahaha, Class Rep is embrrassing. Just call me The King.

Oh, there’s a cat. I can put that cat in my anus…

……I won’t say anything perverted, so keep your hands off my ass.

I am a shrine maiden who was born to offer the pure blood of my line to a hero.

Hahaha! Your image has crumbled, Yukinojou! Do you understand it now, Freshman Girl? He’s also human. He too goes to the toilet, and he even farts!

You girls’re so close. Yamato, Gen-san, let’s take a bath together and play, too!

I’m cumming while I’m cumming!!!!

I am…You!

Despair, and be destroyed.

‘Petting’ apparently means something sexual.

Farewell, big hard cock…

Siiiigh… I guess that means nobody’s gonna die! Laaaame…

In my experience, rape is more efficient than normal torture.

I want to go on a date! We’ll play MMORPGS all night long! I want you to confess your love to me by saying ‘let’s grind together, baby!’

Children are the future, so please do not report this to the police, the court house, the health care centre or any related offices!

Just where on earth do you greet people by massaging their breasts!?

That’s right. You are a shithead. You are Mister Shit. The shit controls you. In fact, you are nothing but shit.

You know, I’ve just had my existence denied, but I’ve still got a smile on my face. That makes me awesome.

People always say ‘come on, it’ll be fun’ about things that are never, ever fun.

I’m not talking to myself! Can’t you see? I’m talking to the guy on the other side of the monitor.

Thank you very much, Super-beautiful big-breasted onee-san!

There ain’t no luck out there that’s dumb enough to help our sorry butts out. We made this happen.

Truth…? This world is nothing but corruption, treachery, and lies. What meaning is there in ‘truth?’

Tsk, tsk, tsk. You just don’t get it, Kasumi-chin. Isn’t it precisely because it’s a game that we can go all out?

Girls are the same as aliens. Those limp-body-walking-things with soft chests…it goes way over my head.

Onee-sama… Why did you turn into a man…?

Let me explain. This purple dildo is a dildo!

Everybody has the right to live, no matter how retarded they may be.

Why are your movements so fluffy!? Isn’t that strange!?

May I touch your “Sexual Intercourse Function”?

This is stupid…… It’s not like I’m some dumb kid who loves giant robots.

If you didn’t have that thing inbetween your legs, you’d be such a pretty girl!

To be honest… I am the owner of a very special sense of smell that can spot virgin boys and girls.

Rule breakers will be shot to death… That’s just common sense!

What’s responsibility? Does it taste good?

Make it as mild as it can be please…

There are no beings as scary as humans.

Don’t hesitate. You can praise me more.

Eh? What? So every one of us is a virgin? That’s sad!

O ho ho. I can’t help it, everybody loves me, right?

You know what they say. “Laughter is a lubricant for the soul.”

Let’s see. Touching a girl’s boobs is extremely comforting in any situation.

The beauty of my master’s face is without peer, no matter how wrinkly it may get.

N-No… by the way, what are the activities of the Dog in a Pot Research Club?

Ooh. The identity of the unidentified flying objet was my sister.

Uuu… My student scolded me.

Please, sex me!

How is a man getting his ass dug into cute!?

I searched until the sun set, and the only thing I figured out was how useless I am.

Asaga eagerly opened the bento container, revealing a mixture straight out of a hardcore tentacle fetish game.

It isn’t not that nothing has not unhappened.

What’s the meaning of seeing panties in one’s last moments…am I going to Heaven or Hell?

Tohsaka is in a good mood, I think because she saw me getting beat around a lot.

Raping girls is your job!?

Meaningless death just gets me all giddy inside! Reminds me that things could be worse!

Aw shiiit! Don’t take it all off! Don’t! Aw jeez, at least leave the socks on!

I feel like I just had a dream. But, I forgot what the dream was about.

Have you ever cried at night, thinking about boobs that wither away without being seen by people?

This isn’t a performance, it’s terrorism.

NEETs can become melons? Now that’s evolution.

This is my second bedroom — I mean, my classroom.

…You stupid Shirou. I told you it hurts. …I’m never going to have sex with you again.


This is humanity’s crystal of wisdom, an eroge.

How mean, please don’t call me a rotten mermaid. You know how bad rotten fish smells right?

I’ve neglected nothing. My boobs are already 84D.

I’m not getting enough vegetables…I’m not getting enough vegetables…I’m not…

Oh well. The more tsun she is now, the more dere she’ll be later.

Churches are where humans have sex, right?

Stop applying your eroge brain to reality

Listen up! The emptier your head, the more dreams you can stuff inside it, y’know!

Thief! Give me back my first kiss!

There is no “if” and no way to erase the past.

Please start hitting us by the alphebetical order, Gakuto’s first.

Stories…? What, porn games have stories?

Loli-buruma isn’t good enough, so you’re taking on such a great role in the main storyline…!?

I can’t see people as human

She’s fine. She won’t die even if she gets killed.

Ah, useless. It’s all useless.

Insolence. I’m not just touching. I’m politely massaging your breasts.

T,That’s because I don’t have a pussy…


I spank bad children like you with my ‘Super West Invincible Robot, Version No: 28.72, Upgrades: It’s just stronger, dammit!’

I was in so much shock at having committed a murder, dude, I completely forgot about it!

Now then, let’s go. To the holy land of bentos, the rooftop! A chilly yet hot time is awaiting us!

I-it’s not a lunch box. Um… that’s right! It’s a sewing kit!

The person I love, my family and my relatives, everyone, everyone!! I’ll protect them.

Rules and morals… they’re just for weak people who can’t live without them.

Y-you won’t bite me?

That isn’t a technique. That’s a disgrace, and you should feel bad for still having it on your skill bar

Uh, “Meow. What’s up?” isn’t the answer I’m looking for…

That’s right…We were always together…In this world. In this sad, lonely world

………………………………………………………………..I see.

Those damn Americans are rushing our position. They want to reoccupy this country, even if they can only do so in a video game.

Nothingwrongwiththatatall! Infactitmakesmehappytoseeyoueatyourfill!!!

I see you have interests that delve deep into the depths of depravity. I fully endorse it. Do keep it up.

I can’t believe you pissed all over the cockpit! What are we supposed to do if you ruined any of the instruments?

I won’t ‘do’ anything. I’ll just abundantly, fiercely, mercilessly despise you.

In the real world, the only ending available is “death”.

An invaluable component of every woman’s beauty is a flawless ass.

Rules and morals… they’re just for weak people who can’t live without them.

Do you explode when you play baseball…?

German girls are the most beautiful in the world! Hooray for Volkerwanderung!

Not that this is unusual……but I don’t understand what you’re saying.

We’ll meet again. When something else cries.